A member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners has proposed ordinances banning the sale of firearms, certain accessories and ammunition. If enacted, these bans proposed by Commissioner Larry Suffredin would, in effect, threaten to put Cabela's and other retailers out of business. This ban would not only negatively affect businesses that sell firearms and related items in the Chicagoland area, but also, and more importantly, outdoor and gun enthusiasts who wish to purchase these types of products.

The Hoffman Estates Cabela's alone employs more than 250 people, of which two-thirds are Cook County residents. The future of these employees would be uncertain if the proposed ordinances pass. These employees command nearly $4 million in wages - and an additional $1 million in employee benefits - that the local economy would lose out on. Also at risk is the tax revenue generated annually by our Hoffman Estates store: $675,000 to Cook County; $1.8 million to Hoffman Estates; more than $3 million to the state of Illinois. Educationally, the community, including school groups, and other organizations, would lose out on the highly important natural history exhibits, tours and learning opportunities currently available at the Hoffman Estates Cabela's.
  • Contact your County Commissioner from the list below and ask them to oppose the Suffredin ordinances.
    Jerry Butler312-603-6391
    Robert Steele312-603-3019
    Joseph Moreno312-603-5443
    Forrest Claypool312-603-6380
    Earlean Collins312-603-4566
    Peter N. Silvestri312-603-4393
    Deborah Sims312-603-6381
    Roberto Maldonado312-603-6386
    Joan Patrick Murphy312-603-4216
    Elizabeth Gorman312-603-4215
    Gregg Goslin312-603-4932
    Tim Schneider312-603-6388
    Mike Quigley312-603-4209
    William Beavers312-603-2065
    Larry Suffredin312-603-6383
    John Daley312-603-4400
    Anthony Peraica312-603-6384
  • If you do not know who your Commissioner is, please use the links below to find your commissioner and their individual contact information.

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    Cook County: Find Your District >>
    City of Chicago: Find Your District >>

  • Visit the Hoffman Estates Cabela's and sign the petition opposing the Suffredin ordinances.

  • Forward this Web site to your friends and anyone you think should be informed of this issue.

  • Educate yourself on this issue by reading the board meeting notes:
    http://www.cookctyclerk.com/upload/syno_pdf_743.PDF >>

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    Hoffman Estates Page >>

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